Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spanish Doll

The dressing, tatting and assembly ot this doll has taken me twelve months.  The object of the exercise is to
show how tatting can be used to decorate an item.  I have also done a fan for her, but haven't attached it
to her hand yet.  The picture doesn't show how her dress sweeps into a short train at the back, and also
the work on the mantilla doesn't show.  I have lost count of how many metres of black lace I tatted. 
It is satisfying to be finished, but also a relief.  Now I can get on with Christmas Tatting.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caribbean & Lilac Mat

This is the mat I have just completed from Adelheid Dangela's Book "Occhi-Patchwork" which I borrowed from the Guild Library. I want my own copy of this book, because all of the designs in the book are wonderful, and will integrate with each other to form a patchwork effect. The possibilities are endless. All the designs are named after towns, and this one is called "Detmold". I have worked it in Lizbeth 40 Caribbean for the chains and thrown-off rings, and Lilac, Dark for the main rings

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lots of Heart

We have had a feast of sport in January, both test cricket and the Australian Open Tennis Championship, so it was a good opportunity to empty some of the many shuttles with bits of thread on them. I took my Hearts file, and tatted away. I quite surprised myself how many I managed to do. With Valentines' Day coming up, they will probably all find a home among my card making, quilting and scrapbooking friends.

Mat from Practical Tatting

When the temperature is as high as it was for a couple of days last week, I need something simple to tat, and this little mat from Phyllis Sparks' book "Practical Tatting" was just the thing. It is done in Lizbeth 40 Butterfly Breeze, though the camera flash seems to have washed out the colour, which is a delightful pastel, summery colour.