Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tatted Hanky Gift

This is a hanky I have tatted for a gift, and oops, now I have taken a photo, I can see a mistake!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bride Doll at Lilydale Show

This is the bride doll that I entered in the Lilydale Show last week, in the section "Item or Garment decorated with handmade lace or tatting". She won first prize.

Her veil and her underskirt were edged with "hen and chicks", the veil also being highlighted with seed pearls. The bodice was covered in one of the background patterns from the DMC book of tatting, and the hem of the dress was decorated with Mark Myers' Pointed and Scalloped Edging. When I lay the edging against the white dress, it "disappeared", so when sewing it on, I highlighted the outer edge picots with seed pearls, which gave the pattern more definition. I was going to tat the flowers for her bouquet too, but I ran out of time, so she had to have silk ones!

The tiara was two rows of rings and chain, the rings of the two rows joined by swarovski crystals. The rings all had silver seed beads instead of picots.

All the tatting on the dress and veil was done in 80, and the tiara in 40. The dress itself was organza over taffeta.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doyley and Runner

It has been a long time since I posted, but I have been tatting during that time - just not the time or the opportunity or the organisation to take photos. The doily was tatted from a pattern in the antique archives. The colours include Lizbeth 40 Vineyard Harvest, Azalea, Leaf Green, and one of the purple shades. Can't help wondering if it would have looked better in cream.

The runner is 97cm (approx 38 ins) long by 35 cm (approx 13-1/2 ins) wide and is done in 40 Lizbeth Seashells. I have done it from a picture on the net, the site for which has now gone and with my own stitch counts. It is a simple motif of six clovers separated by chains, but the motifs are joined diagonally instead of side by side, thus eliminating the need for a "fill in" motif. This results in the ends being scalloped. I chose not to put an edging on it, as I like the scalloped effect, and I couldn't think of an edging that would enhance this.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I haven't added anything to my blog in 2011, not because I haven't been tatting - more because I am disappointed that my photography doesn't show things up well. I have done a lot of tatting, but haven't photographed it, and these necklaces also don't show up all that well. The floral one is done to Lyn Morton's pattern in her jewellery book, and the black one is just my own invention. I started with a length of split chains, and I think I overdid the pearl embellishments. But I had fun doing it!