Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lots of Heart

We have had a feast of sport in January, both test cricket and the Australian Open Tennis Championship, so it was a good opportunity to empty some of the many shuttles with bits of thread on them. I took my Hearts file, and tatted away. I quite surprised myself how many I managed to do. With Valentines' Day coming up, they will probably all find a home among my card making, quilting and scrapbooking friends.


Michelle said...

What a love.y bunch of hearts! I especially like the white one on the upper left! What is the pattern for it?

drell said...

It is a heart I copied from "eye candy" that I saw somewhere online, so I can't tell you the designer or where the pattern is, but I have guestimated the stitch count, and I would be happy to email you my hand-drawn diagram of it, if you send me your email to # to @) I know it was called "Romantic Heart"

World Famous said...

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JohnOliver said...

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Carol Vivenzio said...

beautiful work, i recently added some to my scrapbook page but not as nice as your work. just beautiful.