Friday, September 5, 2008

A little progress, a little disappointment

I have been working solidly on this table centrepiece for a few months now. I haven't put any pressure on myself, saying that I will finish it when I finish
it, but the aim was to put it in one of the shows - whichever is closest to when
I finish it. So I have been ambling on, enjoying the project, and being satisfied with how it was coming along. I last blocked it out when I did a progress blog.

To work it, I chose to use two balls of light ecru Coats 60 from my late mother's
crochet stash, and I made very sure that the colour number and the dyelot number
was the same on the two balls. Imagine my disappointment when I took it to our regular Neighbourhood House tatting group, when I put it on the white table under a powerful light, to see that where I had run out of thread and commenced tatting with thread from the second ball, that there was a discernable difference.

Taking it out of my bag and working on it during the evening, I hadn't noticed any
difference, indeed in some lights there is no difference, but I wouldn't now submit
it to a show. I really felt like flinging it into the realms of UFO's - so much
work has gone into it, but the group suggested I press on and finish it, then soak it in a coffee solution. I can't imagine how this could have happened. Certainly the thread had been in Mum's stash for a few years, and I have had it for a while, but both balls still had their plastic protective covers so it couldn't be exposure to the air.

That excited impetus has somewhat abated and I am now just plugging on with my eye
on finishing.