Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lots of Heart

We have had a feast of sport in January, both test cricket and the Australian Open Tennis Championship, so it was a good opportunity to empty some of the many shuttles with bits of thread on them. I took my Hearts file, and tatted away. I quite surprised myself how many I managed to do. With Valentines' Day coming up, they will probably all find a home among my card making, quilting and scrapbooking friends.

Mat from Practical Tatting

When the temperature is as high as it was for a couple of days last week, I need something simple to tat, and this little mat from Phyllis Sparks' book "Practical Tatting" was just the thing. It is done in Lizbeth 40 Butterfly Breeze, though the camera flash seems to have washed out the colour, which is a delightful pastel, summery colour.