Monday, July 20, 2009

Destined for a Tote Bag

This is the first element in one of Jan Stawasz's designs, and it was not until the final blocking out that I noticed that one of the clovers of a middle motif had only two rings! I left it sitting there for a couple of days, but each time I looked at it, all I could see was that two-ring clover, and I decided that I just couldn't proceed adding rows to the project, as it would continue to haunt me, and I would not be pleased with the finished result.

So I have begun the element again, carefully checking that each clover has three rings! I have decided to back the defective piece with red velvet, and investigate the best way of making a tote bag out of it, preferably covering it with acetate or
similar protective covering.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hearts for The Ashes

I love watching Test Cricket, especially "The Ashes" Series between Australia and England. It is not a fast game, so I decided to empty some shuttles that have bits of thread on them, in an attempt to stay awake longer. I produced some hearts, but my body calls it quits each evening, so I just manage to see the session before

The first Test ended in a disappointing (for Australia) draw, and we haven't made
a very good start in the second Test. I have a number of shuttles with white on them, so it may be snowflakes next!

The hearts will go to my friend Sadie, who besides being a tatter, is also an artist and a calligrapher, and makes beautiful greeting cards.