Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bride Doll

Haven't posted for ages, but have most certainly been tatting!!  Obsessed!!  I am not a good photographer though, and get disappointed with the results of photos, so do not post.  However for the purposes of record, I will post photos of my entry for this year's Lilydale Show ( successful).  Being white on white, it of course, doesn't show up well, so I will describe it. 

The doll itself is 2nd hand from ebay, and came dressed in blue as Cinderella.  I wanted a large doll so the tatting could be seen, so I spent ages on ebay looking for one, but eventually I found her.  I began by making her underwear, all decorated with tatting.

The dress itself is crystal organza over satin.  I began with grandiose ideas of making a strapless one, as the doll has a nice bustline, but time and my lack of sewing expertise resulted in it ending up as a basic sleeveless, boat neckline.

The tatting on the dress consists of a double-row edging at the hemline (don't know the designer - saw it on Pinterest), then two spaced rows of small hearts (Irene Wu's Butterfly Heart pattern).  Midway up the skirt I then did five large hearts (Teri Dusenbury's Pattern).  The veil was edged with a simple clover-chain-ring edging. The neckline was also decorated with the small hearts.

All tatting was outlined and secured to the fabric using tiny pearl seed beads, and both the small and large hearts were highlighted at the centre with Swarovsky crystals.  She also had a lucky bridal horseshoe outlined with tatting, and encrusted with small fabric flowers and crystals.  I ran out of time and oomph when it came to tatting the tiara and bouquet, and she had bought ones!

I think that just about covers it.  I will now add the photos - just for the record.


God's Kid said...

Your tatting on your bride doll is wonderful!!! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Ooh, what tiny tatting on the dress, the veil, the doll's necklace - all so beautiful!!! A work of art!

drell said...

Thank you so much ladies for your kind comments. It is like winning another ribbon!!