Saturday, August 30, 2008

40th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow, 31st August, is the 40th wedding anniversary of DH and me. Every year he has sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but being on a Sunday this year, I have received them a day earlier. They are glorious, and will be more so as the days go by as there are a number of unopened deep red rosebuds. Looking at our wedding photos and then in the mirror, the years have certainly left their mark, but we have a son and a daughter and three lovely grandchildren, so we are blessed. How quickly 40 years go!

I have been tatting steadily through the Olympics (the paras start on 6th September!) but I am on the outer edges of my centre, and there is not a lot of progress to show. Better that I wait till the next lot of motifs is finished. I like doing large pieces, but this one seems to be taking forever, possibly because I have this week received my copy of Jon's Snowflake Collection, and I'm itching to get into doing some of them.

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Tattycat said...

Happy belated anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day.