Saturday, July 19, 2008

Milo the Snugglepuss

I have been stalking Milo with the camera hoping to get a better pic, but no
luck, so I will have to go with what I already have. Milo arrived at our place
about 2 years ago, stray, and very, very thin; very suspicious, and we think
abused by someone. All attempts by us and the ranger to trap Milo were unsucessful. We caught other cats from the area, but not Milo, who absolutely
refused to come anywhere near the cage once he saw other cats trapped.

Finally admitting defeat, and refusing to use starvation as a means of
entrapment, we decided to let Milo stay. From a semi-feral cat upon arrival,
Milo almost runs the place! Everything is on his terms! I may not pick him up
or put him on my lap, but he can hop on whenever he likes - so he thinks. I
have learned to stare fixedly at my work, and say firmly "No! Mummy's tatting!"

This week that is working. The minute I look into those blue eyes, that is taken
as permission to hop up - or is it that he hypnotises me? I know one thing - shuttles, thread, lace and cats don't mix!


TattingChic said...

Oh, cute. How nice to have a kitty around. He looks like a sweetie.

castats said...

Hi Dorelle!

What a cutie... One of my cats is a perfect gent, the other is a wannabe shuttle murderer...
The cat I grew up with used to love keeping mum company while she crocheted, but there was the occasional unexpected soggy end to the thread (he was very stealthy about the chewing..) =)